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  • How to Re-Introduce Bread - And not store it immediately as fat
  • How to create my favourite breakfast in the world - I've travelled the world looking for breakfast, can you guess which city has my favourite breakfast?
  • How to balance flavour like a Chef... So that you don't need to cook boring and bland "healthy" food anymore
  • How to get a stronger Metabolism... So you don't have to order the boring Salad when you go out!
  • How to enjoy the food you love and still lose weight... So you can feel confident in your own skin!
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Peak Performance Weight Loss

So You Can Be The Best Parent Possible
We’re not a Weight Loss company. We are a Health and Wellness company that specialises in fixing Metabolic Problems caused by Yo-Yo diets.

Carrying excess weight places extra stress on your emotions and your body, which isn't good for you, your family or your career.

We help you create better relationships between you and your family. 

Poor self esteem will be a thing of the past.
Hacking your way to better health
Little known ways to reverse ageing
It’s not your fault, the fast food and snack industries are against you.

When you consume the perfect amount of sugar, fat and salt, your body responds by releasing the “pleasure and reward hormone” - the same chemical released when you consume Cocaine.

 This strong reward response is linked to behavioural conditioning or, addiction.

Unfortunately, sugar and certain types of savoury food are proven to be 8x more addictive than Cocaine.

This is why it is easy to stare into an empty tub of ice cream or empty bag of chips!

It's not your fault!

We will help you fix this, your blood pressure comes down, diabetes is managed, obesity goes away, complexion clears, mood improves and quality of sleep is enhanced.

Imagine how much more you could achieve if you didn't have to deal with cravings all day?

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shred belly fat
Metabolic Restoration & Ignition Blueprint
The Biggest Lie In The Weight Loss Industry
Most people suffer from inflammation, which means the only way to lose weight is to cut out carbohydrates and turn gluten-free, meaning you miss out on the things you love.

This actually makes you gain weight faster once you reintroduce carbs into your diet. 

This is the end of short term results.

We’ll focus on tuning your metabolism FIRST to give you permanent results.

Weight Loss Companies have been failing you and roughly 98% of people put their Weight Back on after a diet.

We won't fail you.

Results Engineered the way you want,
on your terms
Re-Ignite the Romance In your Relationship
You want something much more affordable than meals delivered to your door which alienates you from your family and makes dinner time feel inauthentic.

Dinner around the table is one of the most powerful bonding experiences you can have.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh and rich tomato salsa simmering away on the stove. The aromatics of Oregano and Garlic swooping through the house subtly like a gentle breeze.

All you need to do is follow our simple step by step tailor made blue print and you will get the results, guaranteed.

We'll even show you how to cook better than you ever have before with our deliciousness masterclasses.
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Knowledge Is Not Enough,
Doing It Together Is
Discover Our Motivation Secrets
 We are a rapidly expanding team with tools to engage with you. 

We answer any questions you have around the clock.
We are you partner in health because we want you to have permanent results. 

We are committed to your results. Seriously, we're committed.

Follow the personalised blue print, Your coach is your accountability partner. Enjoy the results. Simple.
Greater Adventure
health with results
What makes us different?
Diets and Weight Loss companies are not effective for your overall health.

Health with Results’ purpose is to ensure you keep the weight off rather than just losing vanity pounds. 

What makes us unique is that our Co-Founder was Morbidly Obese and he has a passion for helping others that find themselves feeling lost.

He lost 169lbs/77kg which is equivalent to an average size human so we understand the exact blueprint for long term results. 

We build our company culture around your success. You only die once, but you live every day - so live life to the fullest. Our loved ones depend on our health!

Do you know someone who wants to be healthy again?
We've been in your shoes
weight loss australian owned
We’re Australian owned and driven by your results. 

Weight Loss is something that just happens when you address the foundations of overall health.

We focus on vitality.

 We make shopping for your groceries more affordable for your family so that you can lose weight even when on a budget! 

Our Co-Founder and Coaches have been in your shoes, so we understand the challenges you will face and we’re right with you when you need it. We will make sure you stay on track and accountable to ensure you get to your goal! 

Once you join us, you are part of our family for life!
A Note From Our Founder
Weight Loss
My Vision is to change the way the world looks at weight problems.

Every minute, 5 people die to obesity and I'm one of the people who survived the disease. All the advice I got was "eat less and exercise more" as if it were a simple task.

Weight loss is completely misunderstood and this is why 98% of people can't keep their weight off. 

Mainstream methods contribute to short term results, so I developed an easy to follow blueprint for long term success.

We don't have a 'returning members offer' because you join us once and you are family for life. 

You'll have everything you need at your fingertips to succeed, long term.

I understand how mentally draining being overweight is.

You don't need 1000 exercises and 56 meal plans. That's confusing.

A Coach is like your GPS, navigating you to exactly where you want to get to.

Your Coach is ready to support you so that you can follow in my exact steps to health, in the safest and most sustainable way possible. 

Some people take years to turn their life around, but with the right Coach, you can keep off the excess weight forever. 

I know this because I have a Coach too. Anyone successful always has a Coach and needs to be teachable.

When you have any big change to make, you shouldn't ask "What do I need to do?". You should ask "Who do I need to become?".

We will ensure you become the person you need to be in order to get long term results so that you can enjoy the true freedom that health provides.
Founder Weight Loss
Dinner weight loss
I learnt what I learnt over trial and error from 10 excruciating years spent yo-yo dieting.  I would lose 30kg, but then put more on as I experienced constant hunger and frustration. 

 This is exactly why I decided to start a Health Transformation Company - so that everyday people wouldn’t have to go through the pains of multiple weight loss attempts across their lifetime.
I will get you to your goal quicker and I will hold your hand every step of the way .
Weight Loss companies are failing you and we’re here to show you exactly why you can never seem to commit to your long term health goals.

You don’t actually want to “lose weight”. You just want the freedom that health provides. You want the freedom to explore the world. You want the ability to create a better, loving environment for you and your family.  You want to set a good example for your kids.

Weight Loss is vanity, our vision is to make you the best version of you possible.
Join the Family, I guarantee results.
commando steve weight loss
"Thanks to what I’ve learned through #ProjectFitnessJourney, I don’t constantly feel down on myself. Instead, I feel energetic, I feel healthy, I’m happy and I love life again" 
— Aileen
weight loss
Health With Results® CEO
Lost 77kg in 12 Months
Lost 15kg in 12 weeks!
weight loss
Lost 13kg in 12 weeks!
Dear Courage...
Imagine being able to finally get the health that will allow you to truly experience life.

I mean, a life lived to your full potential.

Instead of the leering eyes of judgement from a stranger. They just don't understand what you're going through...

It's been a gruelling battle of constant weight fluctuations and several failed diet attempts and despair hasn't it?


Having more energy to enjoy the finest things in life. 


Climbing to the top of a majestic cloud covered mountain as the sun sets. 

Your heart beating inside of your chest as you’ve been walking for hours, but the spectacular view makes the journey worthwhile.

You’re met with an absolutely breathtaking view of clouds beaming radiant light in the crimson sky as your hair flickers in the wind...


Serenity as the blood rushes through you veins. Alive.

You would feel on top of the world and you would have an abundance of energy which you would use to spend better quality time with your family. 

This isn't about losing weight, it's about gaining life. That's what all of our clients say.


You wouldn’t have to ask for the special “low carb” option because your weight wouldn’t suddenly fluctuate. You’d finally be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work rather than being frustrated by short term results.

The stress and frustration of trying to get results on the scales makes it seem easier to just go back to the old way of ignoring the problem...

“This is just me, I’m big, bold and beautiful” you tell yourself. 

But deep down, you know you’d be happier if you weren’t carrying the excess weight as you look at your reflection in the mirror, desperately trying to wear a mask to tell the world that you’re OK. 

When really, you can feel the void. And you feel it every day.

Excess weight means excess worry.
How do I know so much about you? Because Courage, I’ve been in your shoes. I know how much of an emotional roller coaster it is.

Diet Culture.

You fight and claw a 6 month battle to lose weight and then faster than the checkout process to buy new clothes, you’ve gained the weight back…

It’s hard to face your friends (let alone the mirror) over and over again as your weight spirals out of control. 

It’s depressing... (am I revealing too much?)

Are you fed up with expensive meal plans, hard to follow meal prep and expensive meals delivered to your door to tackle another diet with short term results?

Our weight loss strategies have helped people lose up to 77kg of body fat. 

We’ve used these same strategies to help people who have 20kg, to over 70kg to lose. But our difference is that our methods produce long term results.

98% of people put all their weight back on after a diet and I know you’ve experienced short term results and that you’ve taken the blame upon your own shoulders.

The truth is, it’s not your fault.

Our multiple diet attempts per year help fuel a healthy $60 Billion economy full of shareholders trying to generate more and more profits into the pockets of these major American corporations.

Diet Culture...

It sounds hard to believe that you’ve been led down the wrong path by thinking diets or surgery would help. In fact, we’re so confident we can help you get permanent weight loss success, that we’ll even guarantee results.

If you don’t feel that within 3 weeks that we can get you permanent results, we’ll give you a full refund by the 4th week and we’ll work for FREE. That’s right, we’ll hold your hand to the finish line completely free of charge.

No other Weight Loss company would dare do this as they’d have to fire all their staff and quickly go out of business. In fact, go ahead and ask one if they’ll guarantee long term results once you stop their program and watch them squirm. 

The research has been done. The results have been publicly listed and we’re here to show you the ONLY way to get long term results.

We are your partner in health.

So, Courage, are you with me?
Is this a cookie cutter program?

Not at all, this is a customised program based on your body type and goals. Your coach will help support you throughout your entire journey.

I love my current diet, is this really for me?

We are glad you love your diet. But imagine being able to incorporate more flexible eating into your life so that you could go out to more restaurants without the weight fluctuations? Diets can bring results on the scale but there strong proof that diets are an unsustainable weight loss solution. Imagine the freedom of being able to eat how you want, when you want. This is the power of the #projectfitnessjourney way 

Can you modify the program based on my health conditions?

We love to know more about our clients and it would give us great pleasure to work with you specifically on your health. We are committed to your success.

How Much Does This Cost?

We are aggressively expanding also looking for new clients. We base our pricing on how much Weight you have to lose. 
The founder of Health With Results® is an obesity survivor and genuinely wants to help people transform their lives. 
The price of our services will increase over time to ensure we are working with people committed to change. 
Please note, this is much more affordable than most weight loss solutions AND we guarantee long term results.

What is your secret "Dial In" Formula

We developed this formula for people that are time poor, poor planners and just want the results. We will help increase your strength, increase your resting metabolic rate and help you get faster results. We minimise hard work and increase smart work.

We want efficient weight loss to get you to your goals quickly.

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